Relieve Ankle Pain for Good with Arthroscopic Surgery

Ankle pain caused by damaged cartilage, bone spurs, or scar tissue can make it difficult to walk, run, and move about your day. Left untreated, ankle pain can prevent you from participating in life to the fullest. At Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, a practice serving Hartford County, CT, Drs. Rachel Balloch and Danielle Butto use the latest surgical technology and highest quality materials to perform ankle arthroscopy. This outpatient procedure can alleviate pain and swelling, improve mobility, and allow you to enjoy your favorite activities again. 

Ankle arthroscopy.
Athroscopic tools are used to perform ankle arthroscopy through several small incisions on the ankle.

Do You Need Ankle Arthroscopy?

When non-surgical care such as cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, ankle bracing, and shoe gear modifications cannot effectively alleviate your discomfort, it may be time to consider arthroscopic surgery. Ankle arthroscopy can restore:

  • Ankle cartilage damage
  • Bone spurs in the ankle joint
  • Ankle arthritis
  • Ankle instability
  • Constant pain following an ankle fracture or sprain

Ankle arthroscopy can alleviate pain and swelling, improve mobility, and allow you to enjoy your favorite activities again. 

The Treatment Process

Throughout every step of your ankle arthroscopy, you are given extensive time and attention so that our team can develop a custom treatment plan that addresses your unique condition.


During your in-office consultation, Dr. Balloch or Dr. Butto will use the latest tools to assess your condition and determine whether surgery is right for you. She will work with your primary care physician to conduct a pre-operative evaluation and ensure you are healthy enough to undergo surgery.


Ankle arthroscopy is an outpatient procedure that is typically performed in under one hour under minimal anesthesia. Drs. Balloch and Butto use arthroscopic tools to perform surgery through several small incisions on the treatment area. Through these incisions, they are able to view the surgery site and perform the necessary repairs with minimal alteration to the tissue and decreased risk of complications. 


Following your surgery, a friend or loved one will need to drive you home. Most patients are able to walk and put weight on their ankle with the help of a protective boot and crutches and can typically return to work five to seven days after the procedure. Additionally, many of our patients have reported that there is little to no post-operative pain.

To ensure a healthy recovery and reduce the risk of post-operative complications, you should:

  • Keep the surgical site clean and dry
  • Take your pain medication as prescribed
  • Elevate your ankle to keep swelling to a minimum
  • Apply ice to minimize swelling and pain 

Once you have completed your initial recovery, we will recommend a short course of physical therapy to optimize your healing.


Following arthroscopy of the ankle, most of our patients enjoy:

  • Decreased pain and swelling
  • Improved mobility of the ankle joint
  • Restored ability to participate in hobbies, work, and exercise activities

Since arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that requires very small incisions, there is little to no scarring.

Why Choose Us for Your Surgery?

Drs. Balloch and Butto specialize in foot and ankle surgery and have attended advanced training courses to provide their patients with life-changing, long-lasting results. We understand that every patient is different, and our doctors customize each treatment plan to provide the best possible surgical outcomes. In addition, Drs. Balloch and Butto are two of the few specialists in all of Connecticut to have earned an Advanced Ankle Certificate, which allows them to provide more comprehensive surgical care. 

Improve Your Mobility and Vitality Today

Ankle arthroscopy can permanently repair and restore your ankle tissue, alleviating discomfort for good. Under the care of a specialist like Dr. Balloch or Dr. Butto, you can receive customized care and optimized results for your procedure. To get started, call Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists at (860) 352-1872 or request a consultation online

Dr. Balloch

Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, you can expect to receive the finest care from Dr. Rachel Balloch & Dr. Danielle Butto:

  • Board-certified in foot, reconstructive rearfoot, and ankle surgery
  • Over 12 years of experience
  • Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
  • Extensively trained in diverse foot and ankle conditions

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (860) 674-0284.

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