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Foot and Ankle Surgery

From sports injuries, to trauma, to congenital deformities, there are many reasons why you might need to visit a foot and ankle specialist.

Dr. Rachel Balloch and Dr. Danielle Butto are board-certified foot and ankle surgeons upholding a higher standard of care in Connecticut.

If you're ready to explore custom foot and ankle surgery solutions, visit Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists in Hartford County, CT.

Our Hartford County, CT, Surgeons Are Here to Help You

What to Know

About Dr. Balloch

She Specializes in Trauma

Dr. Balloch finished a three-year residency at a trauma center by becoming an attending physician there, honing her skills and passing on her knowledge to residents.

She's Award-Winning

Our doctor was given St. Francis Hospital's Patient Experience Excellence Award, which she earned for three years in a row, and was named a "top doctor" four different times.

She Treats Patients of All Ages

Both adult and pediatric patients are able to visit Dr. Balloch for foot and ankle surgery.

Dr. Rachel Balloch
Dr. Danielle Butto

What to Know

About Dr. Butto

She Completed a Reconstructive Fellowship

Once her residency was complete, she refined her knowledge with a Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery fellowship.

She's a Leader

Dr. Butto is a part of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) leadership — a group of which she is also a fellow.

She's an Educator

Now, she teaches the next generation of surgeons and foot and ankle specialists by conducting ACFAS lectures.

Our Experience Sets Us Apart

Each year, Dr. Butto and Dr. Balloch conduct hundreds of foot and ankle surgeries. If you choose our Hartford County, CT, practice, your feet are in good hands.
We perform around 300-400 surgeries every year

Choose Board-Certified Specialists

For Your Foot or Ankle Surgery

Our Avon, CT, surgeons, Dr. Balloch and Dr. Butto, have a qualification that distinguishes them from other Connecticut doctors and foot and ankle specialists: their board certification in foot and ankle surgery from the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. That entails:

A Strong Educational Foundation

As a foundation for their board certification, Dr. Balloch and Dr. Butto have achieved all the necessary achievements to become surgeons, such as earning a Bachelors degree, completing a multi-year residency, and graduating with a doctorate. But unlike some others in the field, our doctors followed this extensive training by undergoing a rigorous board certification process.

Achievement of High Standards

Not all Connecticut doctors or foot and ankle specialists will successfully earn board certification. Currently, the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgeons requires applicants to pass multiple exams like a patient simulation exam, have a wide span of treatment experience, and provide info on past cases. Additionally, before doctors can become board certified in reconstructive rearfoot surgery, they must become board certified in foot surgery.

A Diverse Span of Expertise

Dr. Butto and Dr. Balloch's board certification covers several specific treatment areas: ankle surgery, foot surgery, and reconstructive rearfoot surgery. Some of the most common procedures they perform include surgical plantar fasciitis treatment, surgery for sports injuries, and surgical care for foot or ankle trauma.

We prioritize your experience and your long-term well-being by going the extra mile to surpass industry standards. If you or a loved one is struggling with injuries, trauma, or other foot or ankle conditions, we may be able to help. Contact our Hartford County, CT, team to begin or call


"I'd choose Dr. Balloch and her team again in a heartbeat." Connecticut Patients Truly Appreciate Our Team


Gwendolyn John

Avon, CT


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Total respect...this group is fabulous.

Complete recovery from Plantar Fasciatis in a friendly and caring environment. I would recommend them highly

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Alisa Bray

Avon, CT


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My teenage daughter had bunion surgery with Dr. Balloch. The process from start to finish was smooth. They answered any and all questions my daughter had (as teenagers often have lots). Due to my line of work, I am very familiar with the process (pre through post op) and would choose Dr. Balloch and her team again in a heart beat.

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Featured Foot & Ankle Surgeries

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Affecting patients young and old, bunions are an incredibly common foot condition caused by factors like genetics, narrow shoes, or even arthritis. They present with a bump along the big toe, which is accompanied by symptoms like swelling, pain, and trouble walking. We can perform minimally invasive bunion surgery for easier treatment and recovery.

Ankle Arthroscopy

Ankle arthroscopy is a conservative surgical treatment used for a wide umbrella of ankle conditions, like bone spurs, arthritis, or cartilage issues. While we may first recommend less invasive methods such as injections or braces, we can also provide this option to address the root causes of your symptoms.

​Ankle Fracture Surgery

Surgery after an ankle fracture can substantially aid the healing process. It can also be a preventative measure. We take care of your fracture correctly from the beginning, helping you avoid long-term complications such as arthritis, daily pain, or permanent changes in your mobility.

Lateral Ankle Stabilization

Though we'll do our best to suggest other methods of treatment like physical therapy before advising you on surgical procedures, sometimes lateral ankle surgery is the superior option. Symptoms that indicate you may need lateral ankle stabilization include multiple sprains, stretched ligaments, and pain.

Conditions We Treat

With Foot and Ankle Surgery

Curious About Nonsurgical Options?


In addition to providing multiple types of surgery, our team also specializes in nonsurgical options. For instance, we can treat localized inflammation or discomfort with the high-frequency PiezoWave Therapy system. We can also perform the Tenex procedure, which needs only pinprick-sized holes to excise injured parts of your tendon. Contact us to learn more.

"Best medical visit I have ever experienced." Hartford County's Choice for Foot and Ankle Surgery


John Camerota

Avon, CT


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Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, helpful. Dr. Butto and staff provided the best medical visit I have ever experienced, and I have had many. Pain free and counting.

Thank you Dr. Butto and staff.

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Stefanie Aquilina

Avon, CT


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Amazing practice! The staff is welcoming and kind. They run on time and the office is spotless. Dr. Balloch is what makes the practice truly shine — she’s caring, easy to talk to and super knowledgeable. She takes her time to answer my questions and I always enjoy our conversations. I definitely recommend this practice!

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Understanding Payment and Insurance


Foot and ankle surgery at our Hartford County, CT, practice is typically covered by insurance once you hit your deductible.


It's important to know that your insurance may not approve you for surgery right away. Instead, they may ask that you try other non-surgical treatments first, like physical therapy. 


Our Avon, CT, office accepts insurance from a variety of providers, including Medicare. We're happy to answer any questions about accepted providers, as well as walk you through the insurance and payment process.

We Are Proud to Accept The Following Types of Insurance

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Dr. Balloch

Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, you can expect to receive the finest care from Dr. Rachel Balloch & Dr. Danielle Butto:

  • Board-certified in foot, reconstructive rearfoot, and ankle surgery
  • Over 12 years of experience
  • Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
  • Extensively trained in diverse foot and ankle conditions

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (860) 674-0284.

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