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Bunions are bony deformities at the base of the big toe that can cause physical discomfort, difficulty wearing certain types of footwear, and feelings of self-consciousness.

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists in Hartford County, CT, Drs. Rachel Balloch and Danielle Butto offer advanced bunion correction surgery using the M.I.B. (Minimally Invasive Bunion) Plating System by Trilliant Surgical.* Compared to traditional bunion correction surgery, minimally invasive bunion surgery offers patients a faster recovery and optimal results. Our surgeons have over a decade of foot and ankle surgical experience and can provide the conservative yet highly effective care you need to gain nearly immediate relief from your symptoms.

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The M.I.B. (Minimally Invasive Bunion) Plating System by Trilliant Surgical allows a surgeon to precisely and conservatively correct bunions.

Bunions: Causes and Symptoms

Big toe bulging is surprisingly common in adults, although the severity of the condition will depend on genetic factors as well as the size and type of shoe one wears. Patients often report that pain that results from friction between the inside of their shoe and the bulge caused by the bunion. This continual rubbing can lead to inflammation, nerve irritation, pain, burning, or numbness near the big toe joint. 

Introducing the Trilliant Surgical M.I.B Plating System

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, we are focused on offering conservative surgical care whenever possible. To optimize results and ensure patient comfort, we use an advanced, unique minimally invasive alternative to traditional bunion surgery called the M.I.B. Plating System.

Developed by trusted podiatry product company Trilliant Surgical, this procedure surgically corrects bunions with minimal disruption to the soft tissues. The M.I.B. Plating System allows Drs. Balloch and Butto to simultaneously correct the frontal, transverse, and sagittal planes of the foot, generating better results than traditional, two-dimensional bunion surgery. Additional benefits of the M.I.B. Plating System include:

  • Minimal soft tissue disruption due to the small, two-centimeter incision site
  • Proper repositioning of the underlying tissue to ensure simultaneous correction of the sesamoid bones in the foot and the deformity itself
  • Precise placement of hardware with the system's innovative drill guides
  • Reduced healing time due to minimized soft tissue disruption

Thanks to this minimally invasive technique, patients also enjoy a reduced risk of skin complications, scar tissue, and stiffness after surgery.

The M.I.B. Plating System allows Drs. Balloch and Butto to simultaneously correct the frontal, transverse, and sagittal planes of the foot, generating better results than traditional, two-dimensional bunion surgery. 

What to Expect during Surgery at Our Practice

Although surgery varies from patient to patient, here is what you can generally expect during surgery with the Trilliant Surgical M.I.B. Plating System:

  • Incision: Either Dr. Balloch or Dr. Butto will carefully create a two-centimeter longitudinal incision in the skin and soft tissue over the intended osteotomy site.
  • Osteotomy: She will then create an incision in the bone tissue. 
  • Plating System: Using an advanced plate placement guide, she will insert the plate into the broached region and reposition the sesamoids below the metatarsal head, ensuring proper correction of the sesamoids and deformity.
  • Screw Placement: Using the M.I.B Plating System's advanced screw guides, your surgeon can then insert the screws into the tissue and close the surgical site.

Bunion correction surgeries are outpatient procedures, so patients can go home almost immediately after surgery.

Advanced Technology Allows for Expedited Recovery & Optimal Results

Many patients with bunions are hesitant to undergo surgery because of the prolonged period of non-weight bearing required for traditional surgery. But at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, we use cutting-edge technology that allows for optimized correction of your deformity as well as immediate weight-bearing after surgery. Patients who undergo surgery with the M.I.B. Plating System can usually enjoy great results and immediate post-operative function. 

By properly aligning the bones, this advanced surgery also treats the root cause of the bunions and reduces the chances of them returning.  

Experience Our State-of-the-Art Care

If you are living with discomfort or embarrassment caused by bunions, you can get the care you need at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists. To schedule a consultation with our specialists, request an appointment online or call us at (860) 674-0284.

*The views and opinions expressed above are those of Dr. Rachel Balloch. Select images of the Minimally Invasive Bunion Plating System are courtesy of Trilliant Surgical and are current as of December 13, 2019.

Dr. Balloch

Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, you can expect to receive the finest care from Dr. Rachel Balloch & Dr. Danielle Butto:

  • Board-certified in foot, reconstructive rearfoot, and ankle surgery
  • Over 12 years of experience
  • Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
  • Extensively trained in diverse foot and ankle conditions

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (860) 674-0284.

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